Our aim is to apply skills and knowledge
in the field of protein-glycosylation

Protein Glycosylation analysis

Our experience and equipment in the field of protein glycosylation analysis wants to be applied to interesting topics in basic research, clinical research or biotechnology.

Also, speciality reagents such as PNGase A and complex glycosidase substrates can be obtained from us.

Carbohydrates in Allergy diagnosis

Most allergens from plant and insects contain glycoproteins with cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCDs). Antibodies directed against CCDs, essentially a particular fucose residue, cross-react with all proteins containing this epitope. About 25% of patients have anti-CCD IgE, which results in an excessive number of positive sIgE results.

ProGlycAn CCD-Blocker

In over 10 years of research, anti-CCD IgE reactions emerged as being clinically irrelevant. Positive results based on CCDs therefore must be rated as false-positives. The confusing results thus obtained, especially with multi-allergen test systems, can easily be corrected by the use of the ProGlycAn CCD-inhibitor.